Bareback Arts Core

60 - 90 Minute Group Lesson

Bareback Arts Core develops safe vaulting techniques, bareback riding confidence, and improved balance & coordination. 

Lesson includes
Warm-up, unmounted practice, and mounted practice.

Correct warm up is taught to increase your physical performance and lessen any risk of injury.

Unmounted practice
A vaulting barrel is used in the unmounted practice to teach proper technique and build confidence before practicing on a horse.

Mounted Practice
Select skills taught during the unmounted portion of the lesson are then introduced while working with a horse. It is important to keep in mind that a vaulters skills are built by practice and repetition working towards proper execution of the basics to build a solid foundation for the more advance maneuvers.

Just Jump It! Bareback Arts wants their students to have a safe and engaging time where they are both mentally and physically challenged. Our wishes are that each experience is educational and rewarding.

Bareback Arts Private

30-60 Minute Private Lesson
 Private lessons gives a student one on one time with an instructor. It enables the student to focus on specific skills.

Mounted Games Vaulting Instruction 

30-60 Minute Private Lesson
Learn to do a running vault on your horse or pony for Mounted Games fun. Instruction on teaching your own mount proper vaulting behavior or learn to vault on one of JJI's mounts.